I love Linkin Park


  It sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? Most of children will say “I love my parents.” “I love animals.” or “I love fruit and vegetables.” after we mention this topic. But I know LP changed my answer. It makes my life more meaningful and colorful.

  Since I knew this band, I’m always trying to understand the thinking of it. I feel I’ve already fallen in love with the band and these six boys. Everyone has his own ability so the band can’t live if it lacks anybody. Unlike other bands in the world, LP is not only a rock band but also contains freedom, pardon, universal love and much more. They have enough capability to explain Post-Grunge, Pop-Metal, Rap-Metal and Alternative Metal. And you have to admit that LP is indeed a unique band.
  I love Chester’s slogan from heart. I love Shinoda’s traitorous and tameless rap. I love every record from members’ hands. I believe I am mature enough to comprehend these words’ meaning and taste the connotation of their songs.
  I can learn many truths from the songs and valauble spirit from the band. So there’s one sentence I wanna say, that is “I love Linkin Park.”

                                                     (文/蓝宇外语学校稻香楼校 郭熠扬)