I love English I love Bluniverse


  When I was in Grade One, my parents applied for an English study class for me in Bluniverse. I felt curious and a little nervous when I entered the classroom for the first time. I kept looking around , but I was too shy to say hello to my little friends. At that moment, a young lady came in and became to introduce herself: I am your English teacher,Miss Xia , my English name is Angel. She said, after that she made a roll call and give me my English name -----Lucky. Then she began to teach us letters along with some gestures and games.Gradually, I felt much relaxed and joined them,also,I got to like English.

  After a period of time, Elsa took over. She taught us words,sentences and how to make simple conversations by English.She was so responsible that she called every week to enquire my study.To improve my English, I applied for another phonetic class in Bluniverse this summer vacation.After that,my pronunciation and writing are much better now.
  I am in grade three now and I have been learning English for two years.I love English and Bluniverse more and more.


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